24 August 2008


Perhaps you have heard of horse therapy before or perhaps not.  Well, Isaiah got to experience this fascinating form of physical therapy firsthand, much to his dismay.  One family that we met in CA owns horses and knows very well a lady who is certified in horse therapy.  I think the technical term is hippotherapy, but since I'm not sure, I'm just going to call it horse therapy.  

So, after spending the day with the Morrises is Madera, we hustled back to the Turlock area to enjoy supper with the Kjeldgaards.  Their last name is definitely not pronounced the way it looks, just so you know.  Mrs. K had wonderfully arranged for the lady who helps her children 
ride to be there to give Isaiah a special riding lesson.

Isaiah wasn't sure about this big creature at first.

But as the horse started moving, he became quite sure that he didn't like it!

Here we are with the therapist Laura.  She was great with Isaiah and told us that his reaction was completely normal.  Isaiah was really glad to get off the horse!

After Isaiah's riding lesson, we enjoyed the rest of the evening with the Kjeldgaards.  They had their 8th child in January, so Isaiah had tons of fun playing with all the kids.  It was so much fun for me to watch him enjoying himself so much!  Lord willing we'll find him so little friends here in St. P!

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Amy said...

You're right, it is hippotherapy. It's a great form of therapy for balance issues. :-)