25 August 2008

North Carolina--Week 2

So after California we headed back to NC, absolutely exhausted, but having had a magnificent time!  Isaiah got right to work enjoying himself with his grandparents and great grandparents.  He kept amazing us with all the new stuff that he would do.  Since we had been in the states he started talking more and MOVING!

Here's an example of one of Isaiah's new tricks--climbing stairs!

There he goes up the next one!  He can come down on his own, too, but that's in video format, maybe I'll post that later--I still have a lot of things that I want to share!

This is the new "contraption" that we picked up in MS.  It's called a Walkabout, and that's what we're hoping it will help Isaiah learn how to do.

What else do you do while riding around?  Talk on the cell phone, of course!  My dad still had this old phone that doesn't work anymore, so Isaiah inherited it.  He'll hold it up to his ear and nod his head and say things.  It's really cute.

Isaiah wasn't the only one showing off some skills.  Thomas built these stairs for my mom in the garage.  She was thrilled, just ask her.

And this is the place where Isaiah was the happiest.  My dad was my "pinch walker" as he liked to call himself.  Isaiah would crawl to my dad's office looking for him because he knew that Grandpa would take him outside.

And what's better after a walk than an oreo cookie?  Having enjoyed his first oreo at Lala's in Yazoo City, Isaiah was definitely up for having some more!

And everyone knows that you must have milk with oreos.

Another plus for Isaiah was my cousin Robin who is living with our grandpa.  He could get her to play with him all the time!


atkins7330 said...

Yes I do like my stairs. Every time I drive into the garage and see them I smile and thank the Lord for giving Thomas the ability to build them. Thanks again Thomas!

Love Mom

Reed, Anna and Emily said...

He looks so mobile! Look out mom! :)

Momma said...

Both of my kids learned how to crawl up and down stairs on those stairs too. Seems to be a family tradition :)

I met a woman last week at the library whose son uses a walker exactly like Isaiah's. It's a great aide and Reuben, her son, does so well with it. When I saw it, I wondered if that was what you'd be bringing home with you or not. Reuben has great mobility with it and walks well when using it. What an exciting development!!