26 August 2008

Go Bulls!

What could possible be holding Isaiah's attention so well?  Durham Bulls baseball, of course!  While we were in NC, we had the pleasure of attending 2 games, and I think Isaiah's hooked!  I know I am.

Or is it the food?

Thankfully, Isaiah's not afraid of the mascot.  He actually seemed pretty excited to see him the next time that we went.

Another plus of our first game was getting to see our friend Bob Page.  He had not yet met Isaiah, but it didn't take the 2 of them long to become friends!

At the second game we got to meet Sylvester!  I think I thought this was more interesting than Isaiah did, since he really has no idea who Sylvester is.

The really great thing about the second game was that my aunt Paula was able to come down from  VA and spend some time with us.  Isaiah shared some grapes with her before the game.

Grandpa was giving Isaiah some pointers about baseball.

And here we are all decked out as Durham Bulls fans!

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