27 August 2008

Unique Friends

When I went to college I began to realize how unusual it is for someone to grow up in one church.  Well, let's just add that to the list of what's unusual about me. 

Going home isn't complete unless I get to visit my family at Beacon Baptist Church where I grew up.  Plenty of new people have come since I've been away, but there are plenty of special people there, too!

Meet Pat.  Pat helped me develop an ear for the great music--Miller, Goodman, Bassie, all the big band legends.  I had the privilege of playing some of those tunes at the 50th anniversary celebration for Pat and Ruth.  At my wedding, I decided to give my bouquet to the couple who had been married the longest.  I don't remember how many years they had at that time, but I know it was over 60, and now you can add almost 5 more to that.

And here's Otis, my bubble gum supplier.  His wife taught me kindergarten.

Isaiah got some good lovin' from Aunt Mae.  When I was growing up we all called her Aunt Mae.  She and her husband sit ride behind my parents, I don't know what would happen if I went to Beacon and someone else was in the 4th pew from the front on the left!

Isaiah learned how to knock on doors while we were in the States.  He managed to travel all around the church one Sunday night under the supervision of Melissa and Matthew.

Greg and SueAnn are a great couple!  I stayed with them quite a bit when I graduated college.  They live in SC, but they travel every weekend to NC for Greg to direct the music at Beacon.  They've been driving that route for as long as I can remember!

Thomas and I got a quick picture with Pastor Karns.

And here are most of Greg and SueAnn's kids.  Maria's represented by the photo in my hand.  She couldn't be in NC that weekend because she and her new fiance were in Ohio with his family.  Oh well, priorities, priorities. :)  Who knows, maybe I'll be able to make it for the wedding!

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