31 March 2008

Welcome to our Swark

Today for the first time in a week, Isaiah got to enjoy the great outdoors! He was pretty happy, let me tell ya.

Unfortunately he missed all the great snow that we had when it was still in the form of fun, sledable snow. (I love inventing new words like that.) Oh well, maybe next year. We had a great time despite the slush and remnants of ice and small lakes that filled the play area of the park.
But then where is a foot of snow supposed to go in one day of 50 degree weather? I've never really seen anything like it, so I just had to share it with you.

On the left side of the picture was the small lake surrounding the swings and filling about half the play area.

And, yes, there is shadow over Isaiah's face because there was SUN! We've had several days of beautiful sunshine and even weather above 50 degrees! Woohoo!

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