31 March 2008

Lots of Hats

For a long time Isaiah did NOT like wearing hats. When the weather started getting cooler here and the babushkas started demanding the he have on a hat, we had a bit of a struggle on our hands to get him to keep the hat on. Somehow he would figure out how to untie the string and then pull of his cute little hat.

Well, thanks to Air Berlin, I think that Isaiah's dislike of hats is changing. Yes, this cute little cap is from the airline we flew to Berlin, and Isaiah actually brings it to me to put on him! Amazing. Of course, I think he looks adorable in caps, so I'm hoping that this new trend will continue.

And as for wearing lots of hats, which all moms do, of course; here you see me filling the role of jungle gym or obstacle course as Isaiah develops his climbing skills by pulling himself up on top of me and over the other side, usually with tons and tons of hugs in the process.

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