02 April 2008

Family Outing

Today was a good day.  I didn't have a language lesson again because my teacher is sick, but I did get to practice a little bit at one of the markets.  The weather was beautiful!  We all headed out for a couple hours to find some material for me to line our curtains in order for our bedroom to be darker--it's still light at 9 PM!  I can hardly believe that I'm typing that, but it's true!  We also found a couple other things.

I cannot explain to you the difference that we are beginning to feel emotionally just from seeing the sun more regularly.  I knew from my studies that darkness definitely influences your emotions, but WOW!  I had no idea how much I could be influenced!  I praise God every moment that I see the sun right now!

But back to the outing...we were able to spend so much time outside, that Isaiah was completely hyper when we got home.  After being cooped up for so long, he probably forgot how wonderful life is outside.  I get to take him again tomorrow while we go help a friend do some souvenir shopping.  I'm excited to get to use my russian some more.  Being able to actually communicate with people, even if it is on an elementary level, but on my own without having to depend on Thomas has been such an encouragement to me.  Thank you for those of you who have been praying, and please keep it up!

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guitta chaiban hogue said...

have ya'll thought about investing in a light machine. i've done some research and you can get a good one for 179.00. Just to help with winter blues.