06 April 2008

Give Us This Day Our Daily, Cereal?

We had another "wish somebody had a camera" moment the other day.  Every morning Isaiah and I have pretty much the same routine, which works well for both of us, I think.  I'll give him some dry cereal and drink until I can get his oatmeal made.  Once the oatmeal is done, I sit down with him, and we pray for his breakfast.  

All was going as usual the other day as I sat down to pray with Isaiah.  While I was praying I felt something going into my mouth...Isaiah was feeding me some cereal!  I mean, it makes perfect sense, my mouth was open, I was leaning close to him, he had cereal on his tray, what else was he to do?

I somehow managed to finish my prayer before I burst out laughing, which of course, prompted Isaiah to laugh, too.  

Just so you know, Isaiah is usually really good and patient during prayer, but I did think that this was really funny.  I don't plan on trying to reproduce it or anything, but I sure do wish we had captured that moment!

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