21 March 2008

After Dinner Mint

As you read above, we enjoyed hosting lots of people a little while ago. Robin and Katherine who stayed with us were particularly fun! Robin got to watch Isaiah start a new tradition, and even name it!

Whenever we finish eating a meal in our front room, or rather when Isaiah is done eating his meal, the same thing will happen: Out stretches his left arm while his hand reaches for a picture that is sitting nearby. When I hand him the picture he quickly pulls it in close and loves on it before closely examining it, over and over again.

What could possibly capture his attention so regularly? It's a picture of Thomas, Isaiah and me that a friend took at church and gave to us. Thomas will ask him to point to Daddy or Mommy or Isaiah, and he does it.

Robin decided that this tradition was like Isaiah's "after-dinner mint" that he eagerly anticipated with every meal.

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