21 March 2008


March has been an incredibly busy month for us! One week in particular was quite busy. Thomas did lots of translating for some pastors from the PCA who came to investigate starting a ministry in St. P. He did a fabulous, job!

We also got to host some wonderful friends, Robin and Katherine Harris. Katherine played the piano for our wedding four years ago. She is planning on studying for a graduate degree in piano in Moscow in a couple years, so she and her mom Robin came over to check things out. Having lived in St. P for 6 years, they also came up here, and we got to have them stay with us! We also got the treat of listening to Katherine play the piano. I'm telling you, I thought she was good four years ago--you should hear her play now!

Robin got to stay with us some extra time, which was grand! Before she left we fit in a game of "Inatranyets: Sankt-Peterburg" that Thomas had created. It's Monopoly based on the city of St. Petersburg, that people who have lived here would really appreciate. We had some good laughs while we played the game.

Here we are playing the game. I love how Isaiah is always peeking around and finding the camera!

Isaiah consoling his daddy after Robin beat the pants off us!

So, as I've said before, we love to have people over, and any time you want to visit, we are ready to have you stay with us!

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