20 March 2008

In June...

...we'll be moving!  That's right, but not back to the States (though we are taking a 6 week trip back!).  

Wednesday night Thomas got an email from a local message board about an apartment that was coming available this summer.  He called the number listed because the apartment was exactly the size we have been praying for and within our price range.

The next day we all went to check it out.  I liked it the moment we stepped inside!  The size is perfect, the area is quiet, the air feels fresher, there's a nice park nearby with a small lake, the landlady seems kind and thankful that we are "religious" (as she says).  So, we agreed to a rent and are in the process of making the financial arrangements.  We plan on moving in the first week of June, Lord willing!

Thank you for your prayers.  Now please praise God with us!

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RSchulte said...

I am soooo excited for you all! I have been praying that God would provide something soon!