10 February 2008

7 Random Things About Me

My friend Erin tagged me to write  post with 7 random things about me.  This was a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Normally I tell people about other people, like Isaiah or Thomas.  I could tell you tons of random things about those two!  But here's my attempt:
  1. I can't stand an unmade bed (thank you mom).  When I was single, I would literally get out of bed, go take care of some personal necessities then immediately come back and make my bed.  This has been harder to do since becoming a wife and then a mother, but I think that just about every day I have made the bed.  I just think that a bedroom looks much less cluttered when the bed is made.
  2. Besides making the bed, I have to brush my teeth right away.  Even before coffee, which my husband just can't fathom.  
  3. I love baking.  I like baking from scratch as much as possible.  I think that pies are becoming my favorite (I think about my grandma a lot when I make pies.  In fact I have her pastry cutter.).  But I just like starting with the flour and sugar and everything.  I also have to put flour on my nose whenever I'm baking.  It really does help.
  4. A lot of my friends already know this, but since age 4 or so, I've been enjoying strawberries on my mashed potatoes.  If you want to know more, just ask.  Or you could ask my grandpa.
  5. I really like flowers.  If I could, I would have fresh flowers in my house all the time.  One of my favorite things about the Jane Austen type movies (gotta love some Pride and Prejudice) is how the women are often out in the garden and making flower arrangements.  Not that I'm a great gardener or anything, that was my grandmother!  Daisies are my favorite flower.
  6. I DO NOT like mushrooms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If they are served to me, I can manage to get a few down, but they would definitely not be requested at my last meal.
  7. I love to dance.  Some of my favorite memories are dancing with my Uncle Wallace at the officer's club at Ft. Monroe when my mom and I would visit him and Aunt Flo.  I started with him holding me up in his arms, then I graduated to the point that I could do a pretty good little jig--nothing fancy, but lots of fun.  Isaiah is now my main dancing partner, and we swing to the best--Goodman, Miller, Bassie, etc.

Ok, so there it is.   I'm not really that random of a person, though my thoughts are really random at times (just ask Thomas!) my life is pretty regular, and I actually like having a schedule.  So, I pass on this pleasure to a friend that I'd like to get to know a little better:  Carrie; an "old college roommate":  Janelle (that doesn't mean in any way that she is old, but since we have been out of college quite a few years, I think I can use that expression now); and a hopeful thinker:  Guitta.  Have fun girls!  I look forward to getting to know all of you a little bit better.

P.S.  I hope to show some pics from Isaiah's celebrations soon, but I have to narrow down all the really adorable photos. :)

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Mom said...

On seven random things all but one we are exactly alike. I will let you figure out which one it is. I realize being your mom we would have a lot of likes and dislikes the same. Yet doing this makes me realize how much of the little things we do not know about our closest friends. I think I will ask a couple of mine to list seven random things about them.