06 February 2008

Come and See What the Lord has Done

Two years ago today our Little Man changed our lives.  He got the name "Little Man" because when he was born and during his hospital stay, he just didn't have any baby fat on him and he looked like a man and not a baby.  The nickname stuck, even after he started putting on some pounds, and I really like it.

The first time I saw him was a picture that Thomas took of him in the NICU because I wasn't allowed to go down for myself for several hours.  I was supposed to be sleeping, but you can imagine how little sleep I got.  The moment the time changed to 11pm, I was trying to get out of bed to go see my baby.

I'll never forget how he looked and felt and smelled.  We couldn't hold him yet, but we gently touched him as much as we could.  I remember being afraid to touch him too much because I didn't want to hurt him.  The next few weeks held surgeries and recovery and finally going home.

There's so much that I could tell you about the last 2 years, even just the last year or the last few months, but I think that these pictures can speak volumes on their own.  I praise God for sustaining us and providing for us and being gracious to us and blessing us.  I thank God for Isaiah.  I pray for many more wonderful years with him.  I pray to be a godly mother for him.  I pray that God will help Isaiah to love Him with all of his heart and soul and mind and strength.

See what the Lord has done...


Eric, Cherith & Adelyn Newton said...

Happy Birthday Isaiah!!!! We're so thankful for the what the LORD has done in your little life!

js said...

Happy birthday Isaiah! May the Lord continue to bless all of you. (I loved looking at all the pictures.)
Hugs for Isaiah (and Mommy)!

Will and Carrie said...

My how fast they grow up! I love the photo slide show. He is such a beautiful little boy. He and Daniel would have so much fun playing together. I think we may live too far apart for a play date!