11 February 2008

Need a Valentine's Date? Here's an Option

I must confess that I've never been a real big Valentine's Day celebrator.  Thomas and I have only once celebrated the day, and it was actually quite by chance.  But, I know lots of people who enjoy doing something special on that special day, and I think that's great!

One of my friends from college, Charity Trahms McMullin, who is quite talented herself, married a talented man (Shane) who is now working in the film industry.  He's already worked on at least 3 films that I know of, and one of them just happens to be opening on Valentine's weekend. 

Me & You, Us Forever will be premiering on February 15th in selected cities.  To see if it will be available in a theater near you, click here.  You can also see a trailer or read a summary of the movie. When I checked out the site, I was encouraged to read that the writer/director of the movie is a Christian, and the main character of the movie is a Christian.  The director also states that there is not any sex or even a hint of sex in the movie.

While I won't be able to see the movie in theaters, for some reason it hasn't quite made it to Russia, I think if we were in the States, this would be a movie worth seeing; that is if I could get Thomas to go to what he might call a "girly movie" since it is a love story.  Maybe somebody I know can go see it and let me know more.  I think it would be a great Valentine's Day date!

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