10 January 2008

Thank You, Aunt Luda

The Lord has provided some wonderful friends for us in St. Petersburg. One friend has become particularly special to us. You might recall that Isaiah was in a Russian hospital less than a month after our arrival in St. P. Our friend Luda stayed with me in the hospital for four nights. She was with Isaiah and me for the first 48 hours straight! Anyway, to make a long story short, Luda has become a part of our family and dubbed "Aunt" on behalf of Isaiah. She really is a dear friend and very kind to help us with Russian. She absolutely adores Isaiah, which of course endears her even more to me. Here they are playing catch, which Isaiah loves. (and when he's sitting on the floor, he does a little bit better job of getting to the person, most of the time that is)

On New Year's Eve Luda came over to give us some gifts, as is the custom in Russia with New Year's being like our Christmas in the States. Here's Isaiah enjoying his gift from Aunt Luda, a toy cell phone.



The Schwant Family said...

I'm so glad she is such a good friend to you! I bet a good friend makes you feel a little more at home!

CristyLynn said...

It does help to have a friend here, and to stay in touch with lots of friends back home, too!