12 January 2008

His Father's Son

Isaiah often surprises us with his ability to learn new abilities. The other day we noticed that whenever music comes on, no matter what the source, he will stop whatever he is doing and immediately try to find the music. Not only does he find the music, but we soon realized that he can dance to the beat! With a sweet smile he sways back and forth in perfect time. What do you think? Did he inherit the music gene from his daddy?



js said...

Start his music lessons! :)

CristyLynn said...

Dear JS,

I want you to know that I enjoy and appreciate your comments, and I'm almost embarrassed to say this, but I'm wondering if I know you. If you wouldn't mind giving me a little clue, I would love to know how you started reading about us.
Thanks for your comments. It's amazing what a boost in morale it is to get that notification email that there's a comment on one of the posts!

The Schwant Family said...

I want a video of his dance moves!!!