13 January 2008

Stealin' More Hearts

Saturday night we were invited to attend an evening function at a local Christian library. Thomas has become friends with the director of the library. We had met his family when we first moved to St. Petersburg. He has a lovely wife and 2 girls, Nastia (NAS-tia) and Liza (LEE-za).

The whole evening was quite enjoyable and excellent Russian practice. I even talked with the lady beside me the whole time during dinner. She was very patient and kind. I can't wait to tell my language teacher! Thomas played his guitar and sang, much to the delight of everyone present, of course. He also described in Russian the songs that he sang in English. I am so proud of his progress in the language. He works so hard and has really become quite good at communicating!

But part of the fun was also watching Nastia and Liza enjoy Isaiah! They are quite taken with him. When we first arrived Isaiah didn't want to go to anyone, preferring mama's arms. (This is a relatively new phenomenon, some burst of shyness or something.) But the longer we were there, he realized that the 2 little girls trying so desperately to hold him were lots of fun, and off they went to play. I think they probably took about 100 pictures of him while we were there. I love watching him interact with other children, and hope to be able to do so more and more as my Russian increases.


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