04 January 2008

Not in the City

We had a special treat on Wednesday, planned by my sweet husband. Since arriving in St. Petersburg, I haven't been able to leave the city, which for someone who's never lived in a big city before, can be slightly draining. Not far from town is Peterhof, the main palace of the tsars. Thomas's Russian has improved so much that he was able to figure out their website in Russian and plan a trip out there for us. We rode the metro to the train station, bought our tickets and rode the train for 40 minutes or so and then rode the bus to the palace. Since it is the week of New Year's not very many people were out and about, and most places-even the metro!-were fairly empty! When we arrive at Peterhof, we were a little discouraged to find a sign on one door that indicated the place was closed until the next day. Thankfully we decided to look around outside for a little longer before admitting defeat. We were rewarded with discovering that the main museum was not closed, thus providing us with a warm place to enter and look around.

We enjoyed our time immensely! Just being out of the city was wonderful. The air felt cleaner, and we felt like we were on a little vacation.

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