04 January 2008

Laughter is the Best Medicine

I was feeling kind of yucky today. Nothing in particular was wrong, but nothing really seemed right either. I was getting very easily irritated for no good reason, and since I realized that I was irritated for no good reason I felt more irritated with myself, and well, you get the idea, I suppose.

Before Christmas we had planned to go to someone's house for dinner tonight. As the day progressed I began to wonder what kind of company I would be, but thought that perhaps going would be the best thing for my spirits. And praise the Lord, that hope became reality, but not in the way that I expected.

Our hosts the Miner family have a little girl a few months younger than Isaiah. She's a really cute little girl, and Isaiah seemed quite taken with her. I have never seen him react to another "little person" like he did tonight. He wanted to hug her and follow her everywhere. They played together so well, sharing and helping each other with different toys. Isaiah blew her kisses all night! I only wish that I had had my camera so that I could show you how cute he was. Oh well, I think that we'll have some chances in the future because Danielle and I agreed that we must have play dates. I love my Little Man and how he loves other people!

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