02 January 2008

The Men of the Year

With the close of 2007 lots of magazines display their "Person of the Year". Well, I realize that this is not a magazine and not read by nearly as many people as choose to read such magazines, but I thought that I'd let you see my choices for the 2007 Persons of the Year--that's not a typo, I have 2. And here they are:

I thought it appropriate to show them in a grand setting like a throne room of a Russian palace with Peter the Great looking over their shoulders.

And here they are "taming the beasts".

These two guys give me so much joy and fun and love that I can't imagine being without them! Being in a foreign country so far from all our other family has helped us to grow closer than we already were. I love being together as a family. We laugh and we play and we are serious, sometimes. Isaiah adds so much to our lives with his playful spirit and ready smile and incredible hugs! Thomas leads our family so well in this new and sometimes strange place, giving comfort and reassurance and encouragement when I need it most.

So, these to men (little and not-so-little) get my vote for Persons of the Year, 2007!

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