29 January 2013

Too Soon?

So, yesterday I posted that we were getting over a virus that hit our family like a ton of bricks - make that 4 tons since each of us got so sick.  

Well, Nadia decided that an encore performance was in order.

The doctor thought it very possible she had the flu and then perhaps even pneumonia.  Thankfully I report to you that she simply has a virus.  Granted this virus hit her quickly with high fevers including febrile seizures, but it is just a virus.
She worked hard for all those stickers, and then she wanted them on her back.

Her fever had risen again while at the doctor's office, so I got some extra snuggle time with my pooky little girl when we got home.

But it's amazing what a little camera can stimulate....

almost smiling...

...and there's my silly girl!

Miss Piggy had to get in on the movie watching time

Please pray that Nadia will recover quickly and that the rest of us will be spared this sickness.  Yesterday Nadia was particularly loving towards her brother, and today I was trying desperately to block her hacking cough from the other people around us.  You know, doing what moms do.

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Megan said...

And "doing what moms do" is exactly what the Lord blesses! Praying for you, friend.