26 October 2012

Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum

On the way back from Scott and Vanessa's wedding in Wyoming I saw a sign for the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum in Hood River.  Immediately, I knew that this museum had to be on the list of things to do when Gran and Grandpa are here!

[I apologize ahead of time for all the red eye, but I just don't feel like fixing it.]

We're ready to go have fun today!
 The museum had a great play section for the kids to get out some energy before going to look at all the cars and airplanes.  Right at the front was Doc Hudson!  Isaiah was thrilled and wanted so desperately to climb inside!

The kids even got to try out a helicopter.  Future pilots?

Or maybe farmers?

Or maybe a biker?

Gran even braved the submarine!

Isaiah found the perfect car to match his chair.

He also really like this remote control truck.  The boy operating it was so sweet to drive it around Isaiah several times.  Perhaps Isaiah's contagious laughter was just the encouragement that boy needed.

Nadia pretty much goes nuts when she sees an airplane flying, so she was excited to get to play in this airplane!

The museum was definitely a success.  The only thing missing was Daddy!

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