26 October 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Our Monday School group got a great deal on a local pumpkin patch.  It was a first for all four of us!

We started off in the corn maze.  The farm had recently bought a collection of life-size animal statues.  Nadia was thrilled!  The only way we could get her to leave one display was to promise her more animals.  She kept trying to get the animals to come to her by waving and blowing kisses.

This way!

Isaiah was more interested in the dirt on his pants and chair than in having his picture taken.
And we made it out!  We refused to give up and we conquered the maze!  Isaiah was so thrilled that he quickly became distracted by the huge trucks bringing in pumpkins.

All 4 of us got to pick a small pumpkin, and Nadia took her job of pushing the cart extremely seriously.

Nobody was getting her pumpkins!

And I love how my kids are starting to pose themselves for pictures.  Too cute.

We also enjoyed a hay ride.  Nadia enjoyed it as long as she was not sitting on the hay.  She tried everything she could to get herself to levitate above the hay bale.

But definitely the hit of the day was the small carousel in the kids' pavilion!  Both of the kids had a blast on the little horses and were so sad to leave, but growling tummies prevailed.

I think I see pumpkin patch visits in our future!

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