29 October 2012


It's amazing to me the impact that other people have on our lives. Obviously there are varying degrees to which people influence me.  Those closest to me have the most influence.  But I can be influenced by the words of complete strangers.  It's kind of odd how that works.

Currently I find my life strongly influenced by someone I've hardly known yet to whom I will always feel an intimate connection.  For 38 days I had the joy of sharing every moment with a gift from God.  Last week we learned that we will have to wait a while to meet our gift.  Our baby gets to join some of his siblings in worshipping our precious Savior.

I am sad for me and for our family, but I know that as God has brought us through this before, He will sustain us now.  I am thankful for the kindness of our doctor who prayed with us before we left her office.  I am thankful that Thomas could be with me at the appointment.  I am thankful that Thomas was off work last week so he could be with the children.  I am thankful for the two wonderful children God has given us now.

Many of you have been kind to send us words of encouragement and love.  I wish that I could thank each of you in person, but most of you are kind of far away, and I've been a little overwhelmed.  Please know that I have read all your messages, and I greatly appreciate them.  Thank you for loving our family!


Mindy said...

Oh Cristy, I am so very sorry. I have experienced miscarriage and know something of the pain it brings. Every lift is precious and each one is a gift. I'll be praying for you.

Mom Slawson said...

Thankful the Lord has given you a thankful heart, even during these times of grieving. You are an amazing young lady!
I love you, mom

Erin H said...

Cristy, I was so, so sorry to hear this. Praying for you!

Guitta said...

I am so so sorry. <<>>> how I wish I could make it better and right.