12 August 2012

Going to Wyoming (went, actually)

Last week we had the amazing privilege of attending the wedding of Vanessa Greer and Scott Gilbert.  Most of our friends won't know this great couple, and that's really too bad because they're stinkin' awesome (to quote a long-lost sister of mine).

Scott and Vanessa - rehearsal
Scott and Vanessa are not only our friends, but also our partners in Russia.  These two met because of the work they do in Russia, and we're excited to see what they'll do together now as husband and wife. Thomas and I have both joked on different occasions that we are naming our next child after Scott (even if it's a girl) because he's one of the most amazing people we know.  This guy gets more done than anyone I know.  But Vanessa is pretty much the same.  I'd name a boy after her, she's wonderful.

(oh!  And that is NOT an announcement!!!!)

The wedding was a small event as far as numbers go, but that makes it even more special to have been a part.  Vanessa and Scott picked a beautiful spot for their wedding!  We enjoyed the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and of course the wedding itself with the backdrop of the beautiful Wyoming mountains.  Vanessa planned a lovely outdoor wedding in the perfect setting.

After the rehearsal dinner both the dads prayed for the new family about to start.
They chose the most handsome videographer to video the wedding.

Three little blonde girls enjoying the pretty wedding

Scott's niece was a very enthusiastic flower girl as she spread the rose petals on the aisle between the chairs.
Shea became one of Nadia's favorite people!

Vanessa was absolutely gorgeous!  I mean, she's beautiful anyway, and she was stunning on her wedding day.

Scott and Vanessa wrote their own vows.  They incorporated all the traditional elements with pieces of Scripture woven in.  They were lovely and well-thought out.
Vanessa reading her vows
Giving Scott his ring
Praying for our friends

And they're married!

Dale Smith (our boss) performed the ceremony.  We had the joy of spending some extra time with Dale and his wife Carol several days before the wedding.  This couple has become like another set of grandparents for Isaiah and Nadia.

A friend of Scott and Vanessa's in Russia painted these nesting dolls for their cake topper.  Perfect!

Isaiah and Nadia both loved having some other kids to play with during the rehearsal and reception.

Isaiah was a big help to Carol cleaning up after the reception.  He loves to help, and I'm learning to find creative ways to encourage that desire!

I enjoyed getting to meet the families of Scott and Vanessa.  I could finally put faces with names.  The day of the wedding, Scott's sister-in-law and I discovered that we both have excellent taste in dresses.

You know you picked the right dress for an occasion when someone else agrees that it's perfect, too.

I managed to talk Thomas into another quick family picture!

And, may I present, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gilbert,

The Slawsons love y'all very much.


brenda said...

Awe, Cristy you are too kind! Thanks for the post. Love your pics. It was so nice to finally get to meet you and your family. Love ya all, brenda

Lucas and Jamie Orner said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cristy for your commentary, Cristy!! It was almost like being there. I especially love the yellow dress story!! -- Love, Jamie

Lucas and Jamie Orner said...

Um, okay, I am a bit tired. That's kind of funny that I typed your name twice. I must like you a lot.