21 July 2012

A Short Calm Between Storms

This might surprise you, but moving across country seemed like a bigger deal than moving internationally.  Thankfully Thomas had a brilliant idea, and we were able to pack up our things and store them for a few weeks in another location.  Since we were able to box things up and send them off somewhere, I was able to stay sane! (no comments on that)

(all these pictures are from my phone, so they might be a little grainy if you try to make them big)

A family photo outside our townhouse just before leaving

My mom, the kids and I drove up to NC while Thomas took the long drive up to OR from MS.

Isaiah was a big help!

Thomas definitely had the bigger ride!

We enjoyed lots of play time during our week-long stay in NC.  The kids had fun playing in Great Grandpa's yard.

Nadia discovered the great joy of rolling around in the grass.

We were able to visit with Great Grandma, too, who's always ready for some sweet kisses.

And there was ice cream...

My cousin Robin is one my kids' favorite people!

Cookie time!

Nadia's determination and energy earned her the nickname "Little Mary" from Great Grandpa.  You have no idea....

She loves water

...and more ice cream

Mom, Nadia and I shared this cup of ice cream for 3 days!  It was really yummy

I was glad to worship at Beacon again; and Isaiah got to chat with Grandpa B!

My cousin really is amazing with my kids.  They love her!

More love for Robin!

Robin, Mom, Nadia and I had a girls' afternoon out.  Thankfully there was a shaded play area where Nadia discovered she's big enough for a big kid slide!

Saying goodbye to Great Grandpa

Grandpa usually spends a lot of time with Isaiah on adventures out and about town.  Nadia got to have some special time with him, too, though.  She would let him share his breakfast with her.  I've never seen her be as still as when Grandpa would hold her and gently scratch her back.  Seriously, if she's awake, she's moving, unless she's right there.

And then we flew from Raleigh to Portland.  We made sure all the important passengers were safe.

Buzz is confident enough in his manliness to ride in a pink floral car seat

Thomas was waiting for us in Portland at the airport!  We were all extremely happy to see him and begin our newest adventure.  More pictures later...

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