15 November 2011

To The End Of The World

At last this very day I have finished reading the book of Matthew with the assistance of J.C. Ryle.  I highly recommend to you his Expository Thoughts on Matthew, also available in ebooks if you are conserving your shelf space.

I almost didn't read the end of Matthew today because I was thinking, When I feel the way I do right now, I need something comforting and uplifting, not something that focuses on death and pain.

That just goes to show you my need for spiritual growth!  What could be more comforting than the proof that Jesus loves me and will always be with me than what I read in the final chapters of Matthew's gospel:

Jesus died my death on the cross.

Jesus called His unfaithful disciples "my brethren". 

Jesus rose from the dead, completing redemption, defeating death and satisfying our Holy Father.

Jesus promised to be with His children in all that He has called them to do.

What could be more comforting that all that?

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Megan said...

Cristy, To see the Lord uphold you as you walk through trials is to know that the Lord will uphold me in the day of my next trial, too. Thanks for encouraging my pilgrim heart!