03 October 2011

Big Day

Well, friends, Lord willing this will be my last post from the hospital!  That's right, we are scheduled to go home today; which, naturally means we have no idea when that might happen, but it will happen today!

We were thrilled with Isaiah's quick turn around once he was allowed to turn around!  After being off his belly and on his side or back and then sitting up, we noticed our fun-loving little man was back!

Thank you for your prayers.  Please do continue to pray for us as he continues his at-home recovery over the next 2 weeks.  I'll keep you posted, if the kids don't wear me out. :)


Ashley DeLen said...

This is wonderful news!!! Won't it feel so wonderful to be HOME!!! As a family. I always love that feeling :O)

Thank you for asking about my mom. She has been doing really well and is one year post surgery and cancer free! I'm so thankful to the Lord Jesus!!!

Thank you so very much for your prayers. They are treasured!!! Have a wonderful restful...healing week!!!

Kathleen Basi said...

That's a big day, I know from experience! (Although we've never had a marathon hospital stay like one required by a detethering.) We know a family who has been through that surgery, um, I want to say six times now. A crazy amount that nobody ever has in a lifetime.

Also read through your family story...Russia has a special place in my heart...we were planning to adopt there, in fact we were #1 on the list when we finally conceived. For a long time I hoped we'd be able to go back and complete that process, but four kids later I'm about swamped. :)

Cherith said...

Hey! Hope you all are doing well! I thought I'd answer here instead of my own blog--yes, we'll be in NC for Thanksgiving. Will you? Hope to see you!!