01 October 2011

Saturday Morning

Thomas stayed with Isaiah last night, so I returned to the hospital this morning to find my boy resting very soundly, which is an answer to prayer!  The previous two nights he seemed to struggle to get to sleep without medication, and eventually I had to ask the nurse for morphine to help him doze off.

Last night, however, he had a dose of morphine about 8pm, and he hasn't required any more since then!  He has continued his regular tylenol throughout the night.  We would love to see him be able to be comfortable with just the tylenol as the morphine seems to "dope him up".

Yesterday the neurosurgeon told us that Isaiah will be able to lay on his side this evening when we hit the 72 hour mark post-op.  We are hoping that the change of position will lift our little man's spirits a bit.

So here are some praises!

~Isaiah has started to eat a little bit more.  Thomas got him to eat some jell-o.  Until yesterday he hasn't been interested in eating or drinking anything.

~Only tylenol through the night.

~Some special visitors gave us a glimpse of "our" Isaiah; thank you friends!

~Getting to turn to his side this evening.

~Much needed sleep for Mama.  I feel refreshed and better able to take care of Isaiah today.  Thank you, Thomas!

Please continue to pray:

~Pain control.  With the move this evening to his side, we don't want his pain to increase or get ahead of us.

~Increased appetite.

~Happy spirits.  Anyone who knows Isaiah, knows that he is one of the happiest little people you will ever meet.  One of the hardest things about this whole process has been seeing him so different from his normal self.

Thank you all again for your prayers and love for our little man!  I'll try to post pictures tonight of him in his new position!

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