29 September 2011

When Did This Happen?

I currently have a 16 month old.  No one is more surprised by this then I.  Somehow May became September.  Moving between countries probably has something to do with my memory failure, but here's what Nadia's been up to since she turned one year old.

Sometime between 13 and 14 months she learned to drink through a straw.  She's really proud of this accomplishment, and she has never looked back.

She likes to do whatever brother is doing (hence the drinking with a straw, I think).  They were both great helpers during my packing process.  I constantly found random treasures in our suitcases.

Photo shoots have become a bit more challenging with my lively little girl.  

Thankfully, brother was there to look out for her.

She regularly proved her attachment to Mama.  This is how I spent much of my time while packing.

Once back in the States, she enjoyed many firsts, and she kept on growing learning!

She enjoyed her first baseball games, including a game in Atlanta to watch the Braves!  She later mastered the tomahawk chop at a Mississippi Braves game.  As soon as I put the tomahawk in her hand she would wave it back and forth in perfect Braves form!

She started pulling up before we left Russia, but she has definitely perfected the skill, especially if brother is involved.  She wants to walk, but she's not quite confident enough to do it without holding on to someone or something.

I can hardly believe it, but I have a girly girl.  She LOVES to have a bow in her hair.

She's also become a poser.  This is her preferred "cheese" face.

While she still definitely really likes to be with Mama, I am thankful that she's feeling comfortable enough to go to and play with other people.  We all had a blast on Labor Day with friends!

Brother has started his homeschool preschool, and Sister has to be right in on all the fun, too!  She wasn't too sure about shaving cream, but thankfully she didn't eat any of it!

She was a big fan of the sandbox as we studied dirt.

Brother is definitely one of her favorite people!
She picked out this dress herself one Sunday.

She may be a girly girl, but she's not quite a lady, yet.

These tippy-toes always amaze me!  If she wants to reach something, she will reach it!

She's really good at climbing the stairs these days!

We enjoyed a day at the park recently (more to come on that later), and she had to do whatever Brother was doing.

This was a musical section of toys.  Do we have another musician in the family?

My beautiful 16-month-old...

Nadezhda, you are a hilarious, lively, entertaining, delightful little girl.  I love you.


Megan said...

We love Nadia!

(And my favorite pic was the one of her crawling away with Isaiah bravely trying to keep her in the frame!)

Grandma Slawson said...

She's a real joy, that's for sure !!