25 July 2011

When You Don't Have A Backyard

You sometimes have to use other means to encourage your children to play while you do something else.

While they look happy here, I regret to say that this did not end well.  Time for a new strategy.


atkins7330 said...

The question is did you accomplish what you set out to do?

Cherith said...

I completely understand! These tactics are always hard to put off. HOWEVER, I do think its really good for them to learn to play alone, in a confined space. I've tried "Room Time" which isn't always successful, but I think that is mostly my fault--I wasn't consistent w/ it when the kids were younger, so they didn't get used to it, and think of it more like a punishment. But might be something you can try, at a certain time every day, (you can start w/ shorter time-periods and move up) and it just becomes part of their routine!