18 June 2011

Please Pray!!!!!

Thanks to the amazing technology available to us these days, I am able to beg you to pray with us for a young friend of ours in Yazoo City, MS.

John Mark was in the youth group when Thomas was the youth director of our church in Yazoo City before we moved to Russia.

We found out this morning (Saturday morning, Russia time) that John Mark was in a very bad car accident.  A fellow church member (who has training as a nurse!) found him sometime on Friday.  He is in the hospital and has a spinal injury.  We don't know the extent of his injuries right now.  Often the extent of spinal injuries is hard to determine until swelling diminishes, I believe.  We do know that his spinal cord is not severed, though there is damage to the vertebrae.  At this time he is scheduled for surgery on Monday afternoon.

Please pray for John Mark, his parents, his brother, sister, grandparents.  This is a dear family who faithfully serves the Lord.  Please pray that they will know our Father's great comfort during this time.  Please pray for healing.  Soli Deo gloria.

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