18 June 2011

Help Rebekah

To all our friends in the Taylors, SC area:

What could be better than a fun family-evening out with good food on a Saturday night?

Well, family, fun, food and helping someone else, naturally!

Our little friend Rebekah continues to be adorably cute as she battles DiGeorge Syndrome.  A local business in Taylors, SC has decided to help out Rebekah and her family with a fundraiser at their restaurant this Saturday, June 18 starting at 5:00pm.

Rebekah will be there to charm everyone with her beautiful golden curls and sweet smile.

Here's her mom's post about the event on Rebekah's blog:  Cruise-In

Naturally, the commute is a little far for us.  I don't think we would make it from Russia in time, so I would love it if some of our friends could stand in for us!  Go get some good food, have some fun with family, and love Rebekah and her family for us!

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Nancy said...

Thanks, Cristy! While we would love to see you all, the trip would be a little long! :) Let's try to get together when you are back in the states. Give Isaiah and Nadia hugs for me!