02 February 2011

Resistance Is Futile

Last week seems really far away and really near at the same time. Isaiah and I are getting used to him having a catheter hanging out of his belly. I call him my little Borg.

It's really not that bad, and it is temporary. In 6 weeks when his hole is more permanently fixed, the catheter will be a thing of the past, but he'll still have the "implant" in his belly, so I can still pretend that he's trying to take over the world.

But he doesn't assimilate in his take over. He's way too cute for that. He simply charms the pants off of you!

Here's Isaiah and his favorite toy pals (McQueen represented on the shirt) waiting to get things rolling after we checked in.

All of Isaiah's nurses and doctors were quite taken with him while he was in the hospital. Several nurses would make their rounds much more frequently to our room. The cleaning lady would come by to chat.

I had to get my post-op snuggles from my groggy hero who told me that Kermit did very well but his tummy hurt.

The floor doctor called him a rock star because of how tough he was. And boy was he tough!  I think I would have cried much more than he did with all that he had to endure before surgery, let alone having surgery.  

After surgery he was told he could have "anything his heart desired", so thanks to our friend Anna, he chowed down on some cheetos puffs.  Thanks, sweet friend!

When his first nurse said goodbye, she promised that should would always remember him.

See, resistance is futile.


js said...

Aww! I have to say that he can charm the pants off you just from pictures. I hope I get to meet him in person one day because I want to squeeze him!! :)

Anonymous said...

sweet little guy. Glad he has such a charming disposition. - Anna S.

Danielle said...

I had fun catching up on your blog again! Nadia is so cute, and it sounds like Isaiah was such a trooper through his surgery. Glad you are doing well. Love you guys! I can't wait to give you all a hug again!