23 January 2011

She Was 7 Months, A Month Ago

Nadia's 7th month was a busy one!  Several events deserve a post of their own, Thanksgiving for example, but for my own memory's sake, I wanted to go ahead and record some of the things that were new during this month.  And then, hopefully, I'll have time to record her 8th month before she's 9 months old.

Two weeks before turning 7 months her stats were: 42 cm head circumference 14 lbs 1 oz 26"

This 7th month started and ended with celebrations!  First Thanksgiving at Grandma and Grandaddy's in Baton Rouge.  Somehow I don't have tons of pictures of this wonderful event, or at least not many of Nadia, but she enjoyed herself.

kisses for Grandaddy

And did I mention that our car ride to Baton Rouge for Thanksgiving involved hardly any tears?!  Which is a really good thing because not only did we celebrate a lot this month, but we also drove a lot!  More about that later.

She is completely into the toy scene now.  She gets so excited when she sees her favorite toys.

Her sitting is getting better and better.  I love to watch her sitting up and trying to do things.

And her personality is really starting to come out, too!  She gets incredibly excited about things like her brother, her daddy, getting picked up.

She loves to sit in the laundry basket, especially when I'm carrying it up the stairs.  I love her giggle!  She also laughs at her brother like nothing else!

And when I go to get her up, even if she's been crying, I'm greeted with the sweetest smile and all-over happiness as she kicks her legs and flails her arms all over the place.

I love this little girl.

And I know that there were other new things, but since I waited too long to write this post, I sadly can't remember anything else.  And I can't seem to access the pictures of her first visit to Williamsburg, VA or all the pictures from the few days before Christmas Eve, but when I do, I'll eventually share them, hopefully.

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