28 January 2011

8 Months With Nadezhda

My lovely 8-month-old daughter, you are growing up so fast!

A few days before your 8 month birthday, you finally broke the 15 pound mark!  Your head grew another cm, and you hardly cried at all with the second part of your flu shot.  The nurse was quite impressed with you, as she should be.  Your third tooth is quite slow in popping through, but I guess it will come when it's good and ready.

This month we celebrated your first Christmas and New Year's and spent a lot of time on the road.  You've become quite the good little traveler, and we all thank you very much for that improvement!

Much to your dismay I kept trying to feed you baby cereal and pureed foods.  You finally convinced me that such things were NOT for you as you dive-bombed for whatever food I was trying to eat.  You love your green beans, field peas, bananas, pears and prunes.  I'm enjoying your jump to table food and introducing you to new things.

 Nadia not eating her cereal

But here she is loving her field peas

Your first Christmas was so much fun, and I hope that I'll actually be able to post some pictures of you and your brother eventually!  You seemed to enjoy opening presents and tolerated well all the pictures that we wanted to take.  I think you know what the camera is now!

I also think that you have Great Grandpa quite enchanted with you.

You had your first night without Mama when Daddy and I celebrated our 7th anniversary.  We learned that while you will gladly drink Mama's milk from a bottle, you HATE formula.

You love to play with your brother.  I am excited to see you doing new things that can increase your interaction with him.  Now if we can just teach you not to stick your fingers in his mouth, we'll be doing all right.

One morning the 3 of us were up and I loved hearing Isaiah crawl from one room to another shouting your name and you laughing at him as he disappeared around corners or came close and helped you bounce in your jumper, which is your favorite place to be if you're not being held.

You enjoyed your first leaf pile, yes in January, on a weekend visit to Baton Rouge.

You are trying so desperately to crawl--if only you could get your arms and legs coordinated with each other.  You are starting to scoot backwards, though, which puts you in some interesting positions halfway under furniture at times.

Actually you've started doing more than scoot backward, you just plain jump!  I have been trying so hard to capture it, but you're too smart for me.

We finished off your 8 months with our first trip to the new Mississippi Children's Museum.  While you couldn't participate in too many of the exhibits yet, you sure did enjoy watching your big brother!  But just wait, little girl, you'll be toddling around in no time!

You are such a happy, friendly, charming little girl.  I love you, Nadezhda!


atkins7330 said...

Your dad said she sure has grown in the past month when he saw the last picture of your post. Nadia we are so happy with your progress and look forward to all the new things you will be doing in the months ahead.

Ashley DeLen said...

She is so darling!!!