26 October 2010

Oh, Right, I Have A Blog...

Blogs, facebook, twitter, emails, phone calls...Hmmm.

In case you are wondering, I haven't abandoned contact with the outside world.  In fact I've been having quite a bit of contact lately, just ask the urologist, orthopedist, neurosurgeon, neurologist, pediatrician, nutritionist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, etc.  We've been a little busy doing all sorts of interesting things.

For those of you who want to know what we've been doing since we returned, I'll be doing a few catch up posts.  But so as not to overwhelm anyone, I'll probably just do a few posts a week rather than all at once.  

But here's the general scoop for now:

Isaiah has therapy every Tuesday and Thursday.
Thomas has an office at the library of the seminary where we met, which means when he's home, he's really home and not feeling the need to constantly be working!  Thank you RTS!
Nadia is growing and changing (see post below for her 4 month general info, and the 5 month post is coming soon!)
We've had a trip to Baton Rouge, LA and St. Louis, MO.
Isaiah's broken leg has healed nicely (just saw the orthopedist today!), and he is all clear to start bearing weight again.
I am trying to connect with some old friends and having the pleasure of making a few new ones.

There are a few trips on the not-so-distant horizon, but usually the kids and I are at home (when we're not at the hospital for therapy), and Thomas is at the office and we're all doing our things; whether our things be eating, cleaning, pooping, learning, sleeping, playing, you know, the normal stuff.

Oh, and if you haven't heard, we're going to be in the States until May 2011.  One of those catch up posts will have more details on that information, in case you are wondering.


Ashley DeLen said...

I am so glad that you haven't forgotten about us ;O)

Looking forward to catching up!!

The Schwant Family said...

May 2011!!!!! Excellent news, surely I'll see you!