24 August 2010

Thinking, Thinking

So, I've decided that I'm ready for something different.  A while ago I removed the description below my blog name.  For a little bit of time I've been trying to think of something different to call my blog.  My posts and thoughts aren't so random it seems, and I was wondering if something would be more appropriate.

I was toying with some Russian type names when I realized that most of the people who read this blog wouldn't "get it" if I changed the name to Slawsona or Amerikanka-Ruskaya.  I guess I was trying to think of something that captured the idea of living in 2 countries.

Any thoughts?  Maybe I'll have another contest! :)  I do have the prizes for the baby pool to give out when we get back to the States, just so you know.

1 comment:

Ashley DeLen said...

Cristy Lynn,

I have had so much fun catching up on your blog today!! Happy 3 months to your beautiful little girl! It just looks like you are all having so much fun!! I can not believe that the sun is up that late into the evening! I would have the hardest time sleeping!

I will be praying for you and your family safe travel back to the states!!

Thank you so much for praying for my momma. She is recovering well right now. Next surgery is September 9th. We are trying to get some home projects done before her next surgery. Mainly the front porch being replaced. We look like we are Arkansas Hillbillies ;O)

Have a wonderful day!