25 August 2010

Nadezhda--3 Months

Yesterday our sweet daughter turned 3 months old.  I can hardly remember what life was like without her, though I think it involved a little bit more sleep. :)

Here are some 3 month stats and likes/dislikes of Nadia:


~She definitely recognizes Mama.  She smiles and gets excited to see me when I come back into a room.

~She dislikes wet diapers.

~She was glad to have Daddy home, rewarding him with lots of smiles yesterday and today.  Daddy was surprised how much she had grown in just 12 days!

~She is somewhere between 11 and 12 pounds.  We look forward to getting a more accurate weight when we visit the pediatrician in the States.

~She really doesn't like having a wet diaper. 

~She will occasionally accept a pacifier, though begrudgingly and never from Mama.  When I try to give her a pacifier she spits it right back out at me!

~She is not nearly as much of a bobble head.  Her preferred positions involve being up where she can look around at everything.  I'm looking forward to letting her face forward in her baby carrier very soon!

~She hates having a wet diaper.

~She doesn't like to burp.  One night she was crying more than usual before she finally burped and then fell right to sleep.

~She seems to have her days and nights mixed up a bit, but I'm not going to worry about it since we'll be in the States in 4 days!

 gotta get used to a car seat

~Did I mention that she absolutely despises having a wet diaper?  I'm wondering if this will make potty training easier when the time comes.

~She likes to nurse to go to sleep.

~She doesn't like to be cold or have wind blow on her.  My little Russian girl!

~She does sort of have a pattern to her days:  She eats, stays awake for an hour or hour and a half before she wants to go to sleep again.  She'll sleep 2-3 hours.  Repeat.  Night time is another story for some reason.  I guess she figures this is the time she has with just mama, no matter what.  We've had some serious snuggling time the last 2 weeks!

~She has started really looking at toys and laughs and smiles when we dangle them in front of her.  However, when I just put up the toys on her bouncy seat in front of her she gets highly offended.

 love this funny face after her bath

~She's had a bath in a big bathtub, and she LOVED it, much to my surprise! (no pictures of the actual bath because she can't sit up on her own yet, so I needed both hands for the bath, plus the hands of our friend Galya.)

after her bath she was quite playful

And she tolerated a short photo shoot to commemorate her 3 month birthday:

but then a nap was necessary; I just love those lips

Happy 3 months, my dear Nadezhda!  I love you and love watching you grow!


Scott and Anna said...

Super cute pics. A beautiful girl. Sounds like she's really thriving.

schupack said...

looking so pretty in those little dresses!

Cheryl (Copper's Wife) said...

She's gorgeous!