02 July 2010

International Creativity

Thanks to some creative friends in the States, Nadia will be going around St. Petersburg in some cute American fashion.   A couple of wonderful ladies I grew up with have started their own business called YoYo Bows, and now they're international!  Thank you, Crystal for helping Nadia getting all dolled up!

You can tell this is in Russia because there's a rug hanging on the wall rather than lying on the floor.

The lovely, soft pink afghan is a gift from my high school science teacher, she's amazing!
And I think we have a few other goodies waiting for us in the States, so Nadia will have some things there, too when we arrive.  We are so blessed!

Another friend has also gifted us with her creativity.  Victoria Brooke sent us lots of little goodies to celebrate Nadia's birth, including this lovely decorated wipes case with Nadia's name embroidered on the front.

please excuse the shadows--we were on a picnic!

We are thankful for such thoughtful friends who blessed us with their creativity.  You can check out Crystal and her sister Candice's work at YoYo Bows and Victoria's frames and name plaques and bow holders and wipes cases (and lots of other stuff!) at victoriabrooke.blogspot.com.

Thanks, friends!


Kenj said...

So sweet! Aren't girls fun???

schupack said...

LOVE the bow! Nadia looks so cute!

Ashley DeLen said...


It really looks like you all are having so much fun! I'm so glad that the weather has warmed up for you all! And the little car is GREAT!!!!!

You little Nadia is such a sweetie! and the clothes are great. I think I'll bebop my way over there and see what all your friends have cooked up!

Smiles from Kansas!