03 July 2010

Feel Good Friday--Weather Related

Yesterday was Friday, so I guess I'm setting a trend for posting this meme a day late.  But at least I'm posting, I suppose. :)

We have enjoyed some amazingly warm and sunny weather the last few days, almost a week actually, and because of that wonderful weather, here are 5 things that helped me feel good this week:

1.  Isaiah playing in this new car in our playground.  There used to be grungy, yucky playground equipment in our little playground.  While we were gone for 5 months it was replaced.  I didn't realize it was replaced until the snow started melting.  Then at some point since our return, this cute little car was put in.  Guess who has one happy little man on her hands!

2.  I've been able to take my mom around town with the kids!

Gran and the kids on Palace Square by the Hermitage

3.  While going around town, I've been able to practice my Russian again by doing some translating for my mom.

Gran and Isaiah with an interesting statue of Peter the Great, founder of St. Petersburg

4.  Picnics!

Gran and Nadia on one of our picnics, thankfully this one was warm and sunny, the first was windy and cold

5.  And in case you missed this fact, MY MAMA IS HERE! (that's enough for a feel good post all on its of course!) 

Me and my mama!

You can read what makes some other people feel good, or join the fun yourself at The Girl Next Door Grows Up.  If you want to join the fun, pick a prompt and link your post.  Have a great weekend!


mom slawson said...

Looks like Everyone is having a wonderful time. Makes me smile!

purplume said...

It's so interesting to have a peek into your life.

Aren't mothers the best, and children too and husbands, ok everyone, but mothers for sure.

Have your best week ever.

Kelly said...

I know you are enjoying your mom! So glad she can be there with you. Your feel good Friday post makes me feel good too. =)