30 July 2010

Feel Good Friday--5 Memories with Mama

The Girl Next Door is finishing her blog vacation, but she still managed to have someone host Feel Good Friday for her, so head over to 29 And Holding and enjoy the fun!

Here are 5 memories from my mama's visit, though there are plenty more to share, I have to start somewhere!

1.  First time holding her granddaughter.

2.  Our trip to Peter Paul Fortress after the tornado.  This deserves a whole post of its own, which will hopefully happen some day.

3.  Figuring out the best way to wash and dry cloth diapers.  My mama was my laundry hero!  She made sure that all our laundry got done while she was here, which is no small task in a humid climate without a dryer.  And there's so much more to this memory than I can possibly contain in written form, but Mama, you know!

yes, I know this is not a picture of the diapers, but it does show our system you can use your imagination

4.  Isaiah finally calling my mom by her own name, which he chose:  Gran!  I loved watching him get more and more attached to her.

5.  Watching Mama on the metro.  My favorite trip was during rush hour one afternoon as we were trying to escape a rain storm.  Seeing all the people lined up to board the train, Mama asked me how we would make it on with the wheelchair.  I told her not to worry, that I would make sure we all got on.  I am very familiar with the push and shove routine, and the "mama bear" comes out in me whenever I have to get Isaiah somewhere.  You would not believe the way people push onto each train as if the next one isn't coming in 2 minutes.  So I pushed my mama onto the train and apologized to the people in front of her for the wheelchair hitting them in the knees.  (Thankfully Isaiah flirted with them and had them smiling by the next stop.)  I then yelled at the people behind us who were trying to push us where we couldn't go.  (And for the record Russian is a really fun language to yell in.)  
We transferred at a station near the center of town.  I so wish that I had a picture of Mama's face as she looked at all the people cramming onto the transfer escalators.  She must have said "Oh! My! Word!" about 50 times as we tried to make the transfer.  And all I could do was laugh, but she was a good sport.  

This isn't during rush hour, but it shows how we get Isaiah down into the metro (no elevators).  Mama was such a help getting him around the city as I needed to be careful post-op.  She's a champ!


mom slawson said...

Wonderful post----Wonderful mama!!

Ashley DeLen said...

Just thinking about you and your momma and two kiddos running around a large city in Russia makes me smile! I know you enjoyed your time with your momma. And I'm so glad that you share with all of us!

have a wonderful weekend...

I can only imagine about cloth diapers. My mom was telling me stories from when we were babies. I'm thankful that our momma's have these skills to pass down to us!

RN Mama said...

What a wonderful post, and so nice that it was about your Mom. Mom's are so nice to have around, how wonderful that she was able to visit!

Thanks for playing along with FGF today!

Michelle said...

I sure have been out of the loop! Congrats on the birth of Nadia! How wonderful that your mom was able to visit for a month; although I know those goodbyes sure are hard! Looks like a fun time and a lot of quality time with the grandkids!