27 July 2010

After Two Months

We are beginning to get the hang of things around here with 2 little people.  I say beginning, because as soon as I think I have a handle on something, someone is sure to throw me a curveball!  However, I think that I am handling having a second child fairly well.  I don't feel nearly as stressed about things as I did with Isaiah.  Sure, I would love more sleep, but this time around I know that it will eventually come.

I still plan on posting more about my mom's visit, but it will take some time to sort through all the pictures!  Let me just say that we had a FABULOUS time, and it was really hard to say goodbye, even after a month.

But I wanted to document some of the things that Nadia is up to as a 2 month old before I forget, which is more likely to happen these days!

Our beautiful 2 month old is...

~holding her head up more
~rolling over from tummy to back in her sleep, and I actually caught her once!  It wakes her up and she gets upset, so I usually see her after the fact.
~starting to stay awake longer
~interacting a little bit

~nursing like a champ
~hates a pacifier
~knows when it's time for mommy to eat and then wants to eat too (pretty much every time!  she has some kind of sensor, I think)
~adored by her big brother

~seems to know when mommy leaves the house or isn't available.  Once I took Isaiah for a walk while she was sleeping, and 2 seconds after leaving, she woke up and cried until I got back.  As soon as I took her back in my arms, she calmed down.  (now if that doesn't make a mama's heart melt, nothing will!)  Another time I got in the shower, and Thomas said as soon as I turned on the water, she woke up, but she stayed calmer that time.
~filling out her cloth diapers better
~she makes some of the funniest noises, my favorite being something that sounds like an "evil laugh" really deep in her throat; makes me laugh every time
~she holds on tight

While this post isn't as polished as I would like, it has taken me all day to write it.  Who knows when I would get it just right if I waited any longer!  Besides the real point is to have pictures, right? :)


For His Glory said...

I didn't know you were using cloth! What type are you using?

schupack said...

oh my goodness, that last picture is just too precious! they are all great.

TMI Tara said...

Oh beautiful baby! What a blessing!!!

Ashley DeLen said...

That smile is heart melting!! I'm so happy for you and your family and I'm happy that your momma was able to come over to visit for a month. What a blessing!!

By the way... great post... we don't always have to be polished!!

Have a wonderful day... and if I don't receive a response back from my contest winner (I'll wait a week) I'll hold a second drawing... so just maybe you can still win a gift card yet!!

Shannon said...

She is beautiful. She looks like her big bro!

Dana said...

Oh Cristy,
She is amazing! Seriously sweet. Polished shmolished! Put those sweet faces in any post and it's has pretty as it can be!