10 May 2010

It's Done!

My first quilting project is complete, as complete as it's going to be anyway.  I didn't do any fancy hand or machine stitching on it due to the fact that I was incapacitated for about 6 weeks and unable to sew.  I thought if I tried to do anything extra like that, the quilt would NEVER get done!  So my quilting-enthusiast friends, I ask your forgiveness for saying that I've quilted. :)

But here it is:

The top all sewn together with the lining.

The lining--in case it's hard to tell, it's just a pink sheet with a darker pink "ropey" stripe.

I also made the binding from the same sheet.  This was much cheaper than buying material, and I could get the lining, binding and backing all from the same source!  I paid about 170 rubles for the sheet, as opposed to at least 100 rubles/meter.

Backing and double binding sewn on.

My stitches got a lot bigger the further around the binding I went! :)

And finished at last!

I'm quite pleased with the finished product, and can't wait to wrap or cover my little lady with her quilt.  I just hope she waits another month to use her gift!


VictoriaBrooke said...

I am so,so proud of you!

schupack said...

looks awesome!

atkins7330 said...

Nadia will look so adorable under or wrapped in this quilt. Love you so much, Mom

Slawson said...

Beautiful! If I can ever finish my cross stitching project I've been working off and on for years, I would like to try a quilt. I'm proud of you for finishing it, even with all the obstacles you faced.

mom slawson said...

That's beautiful, Cristy, So proud of you !

CristyLynn said...

Thanks, ladies! I'm actually contemplating trying to get another one done for my friend who's due about the same time. Trying to decide if I can squeeze it in! I really enjoyed it.

The Nelsons said...

Way to go!