21 May 2010

Eavesdropping for Feel Good Friday

My husband spent several days this week working really hard in another time zone while still living in our time zone.  At one point I stepped into the room where he was conferencing via Skype and heard part of his conversation.

Apparently a person is needed for some duties at the home office of our organization.  I guess the duties could be done offsite, though, because I think Thomas was asked if I would be interested in doing them.  But this is what he said,

Uh, because I love and want to protect my wife, I'm going to say no.  My wife is a physical therapist and speech therapist and occupational therapist and homeschooler and mother and wife.  I'll ask her about this, but I'm going to say no because I want to protect her.

I felt loved and appreciated.  Thomas, as Isaiah would say, Thanks, Honey!

(Oh, and speaking of Isaiah, I have to follow-up from one of my thoughts from last week:  Isaiah makes a smacking noise when he kisses you.  And I just watched him scoot his little bottom over next to his daddy just to give him kisses on the arm.)

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Susan Tipton said...

This is really wonderful! I'm smiling.