23 May 2010

36 Weeks Complete

Things are getting interesting in the Slawson home.  My doctor has basically told me that I should be on bedrest, and my amazing husband has really stepped up to the plate and taken care of everything at home.  Thankfully he had planned on having a clear schedule from this time until Nadia's birth, and it's working!

As the time draws near, we're trying to make sure our bases are covered, so here's some things we've done this week and my random thoughts as well.

~Contingency plans are in place for an unexpected daytime or nighttime arrival of beautiful Nadia.

And yes, we posted them so that we wouldn't have to think about what to do in case of an emergency.

~I feel much less anxious having these plans clearly laid out.

~The bag is packed!  Thanks to my friend, E, for the thorough list of suggestions for the hospital bag.

~I find it amusing that my doctor "invited" me to the hospital when she suggested bed rest.  Yes, that's the literal translation of the verb that she used.

~I miss regularly picking up Little Man.

~Very thankful to have our friend Vanessa here!  She has such a servant's heart (but don't worry, we won't start making her stack chairs).

~There are advantages to not being able to sleep and waking up really early.  The apartment is much cooler at 6 am and therefore has better conditions for keeping a quilt on your lap while finishing the binding.

~Having fun reading everyone's guesses on the baby pool.  I decided that we should have a prize for each category to spread out the fun, so make sure you go make a guess!


The Schwant Family said...

I'm SO with you on feeling far less anxious when things are planned, packed and written out! Happy full term baby week!!

simplebeauty said...

I love your lists!! Those are great. And I giggled when you said they "invited" you to stay at the hospital. How sweet of them :0)

Hope your can rest while you await your newest member of your happy little family!!!!

Blessings from Kansas....

Vanessa Greer said...

i was glad i was there too! and, no, you didn't make me stack chairs ;) i love you all!!