21 April 2010

Two More Sleeps

Tonight and tomorrow night I have the bed all to myself, but I'm looking forward to moving back to "my side" after that!

But what's even better is how excited I know Isaiah will be to see his daddy!  I love how attached he is becoming to the most important man in his life!  He asks me several times every hour to call Daddy, which just isn't possible, but I love how much he is thinking about his daddy.

And it used to be that every morning when Isaiah got up he would want to snuggle with me in our big bed.  Now, as we walk to my room, he says, Daddy, but when he realizes that Daddy isn't there, too, he won't go near the bed, and we have to find some other place for our morning snuggle.

Yep, I think it's love.

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simplebeauty said...

What a sweet relationship between father and son :O)