10 April 2010

Random Observations From Week 29

These observations may or may not have to do with pregnancy, but I think that fact will be fairly obvious.

~I have come to realize that if I can't "interact" with a book that requires me to think, beyond remembering which character is which, by writing or underlining, I am much less likely to read said book.  This is not good when you have incredibly limited space for a library and need to read ebooks.  (I'm still looking for suggestions of good books, by the way!)

~If a task requires me to bend at the waist, the likelihood of it being accomplished greatly decreases.

~I have outgrown 2 pairs of maternity pants and have happily passed them on to a friend several weeks behind me in the process.

~I like taming the dragon lady.

~Being able to dress my son and take him outside is good for my morale, and my son really appreciates it, too.

~Almost having 2 hands is not the same thing as having 2 hands, but it's a lot better than having 1 hand with the 2nd hand in a sling.

~I actually don't mind when Nadia wakes me up in the night because she's moving so much.  I am thankful for the reminder that everything is ok with her spine, and I thank God for my future gymnast (or whatever He has called her to be). :)

~I love that Isaiah says, "I love you, Honey."  He's also started saying, "I want to see it, please", which is his longest sentence yet!  And starting this week he has tried to sing with me sometimes by repeating words from songs that I'm singing to him.

~I am proud of my husband's language skills.  God has enabled him to reach quite an amazing level of fluency!

~I enjoy having more energy in the mornings, but I'm completely crashing in the afternoons!  Wish it would spread out a little bit better.

~It's fun being pregnant with a friend.

with Julia, both about 30 weeks


Shannon said...

Those are 2 beautiful pregnant women! Keep enjoying waking up in the night...it's such a miracle to be pregnant. So glad everyone is doing so well.

atkins7330 said...

Thank you so much for the picture. Tell Julia she is looking great. I am excited that your daughters will be able to grow up together.