11 April 2010

Easter--A Week Later

I never seem to be able to get my "Easter post" written in a timely manner.  This year of course I had the excuse of not being able to type so well, but really, it probably would have been late anyway because we've been enjoying friends and time outside!

But we did have a lovely day celebrating our Lord's resurrection!  This year the celebration of Easter took place on the same day in Russia (using the Orthodox calendar) as it did in America, so for the first time in 3 years we actually celebrated on the same day as our friends and family back home.

Isaiah and I colored eggs earlier in the week, a tradition on both continents.  I also made a special Easter cake that my friend Luda taught me how to make last year.  It didn't look as pretty this year, but it still tasted good.  I forgot to get a picture this year, though.  Funny thing about the Russian recipe, it had no measurements, just ingredients and general directions.  I had to kind of "wing it", so I'm thankful it worked.

Sunday morning I finished the process for a special breakfast of cinnammon rolls (which we enjoyed for the rest of the week as well)

We enjoyed our celebration at church with friends.  Our pastor preached on the resurrection (most of the sermon I actually understood!).  After the service we had a mini-concert.  We were blessed by the talent that God has given many of our friends.  My personal favorite was when Thomas sang, but then I am slightly biased.

We have been excited about several new people attending our church.  Here's Thomas with Vadim, who is studying in a seminary in St. Petersburg.

A new couple has also begun attending.  Here I am with Olga.  Her husband Peter is attending a Christian University in St. Petersburg.

Here Olga is enjoying a Russian Easter traditional cake called Kylich (kyy-leech).  Though Isaiah doesn't look thrilled in this shot, he enjoyed some, too.

And Thomas was kind enough to humor me with taking a family photo.

We stayed after the service a long time last week, visiting with friends, Olga and Peter in particular before walking together to the metro, which is becoming a wonderful weekly tradition!


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mom slawson said...

Enjoyed reading about your Easter. And we're thankful to the Lord for your new friendships.
PS: Those cinnamon rolls would not have lasted all week around here!!