07 April 2010

Dull Mama

Our first couple years in Russia, we focused our time on learning the Russian language (which, by the way, we will be speaking in heaven because it takes an eternity to learn!).  While our brains were occupied with different cases and verbs of motion that I am still working on, Thomas and I often commented to each other that it seemed like our minds were growing lazy in other areas.  For example we found it more difficult to discuss theological, philosophical or other technical topics in English that we used to work in every day.

And that's what I mean by "dull mama".  I'm (slowly) getting better at Russian, but my thought processes in general are just plain slow.  I find it difficult to think through concepts and make application.

In an effort to sharpen my brain again, I've been trying to read some different books other than the fiction that can be so captivating.  I'm almost done with Ed Welch's When People are Big and God is Small.  I highly recommend this book!  As someone who struggles greatly with wanting the approval of other people in order to satisfy my own needs, every page held insight, conviction and encouragement for me.

Welch challenges the commonly held views of Christians and nonChristians that people are cups looking to be filled with love.  While the 2 groups look to different sources for filling, the final outcome is often the same.  Welch states that rather than cups to be filled, we are pitchers to be poured out.

I can't do his writing justice in one short blog post, or in the quotations I've been copying in my sidebar, but I encourage you to read the book for yourself.  I have about a chapter left, and I'm already thinking that this should be a yearly read.

But I also have a question for you.  I would love some recommendations for reading.  I know of 6 days in June (Lord willing) that I'll be "out of order" other than taking care of Nadia in the hospital.  I would love to go prepared with some electronic books to read between naps and feedings.  Please leave me a comment with ideas of books that have been a blessing to you.  If you happen to know if they are available on Kindle for iPhone that would be even better!  Thanks so much!


RSchulte said...

Just recently read Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. LOVED IT!!! Little outside the 'traditional' box (well...maybe alot) but it is GREAT!!! I have no idea if it is on kindle...not that technologically advanced yet!!! : ) Hope your doing well. Praying for your family

Cherith said...

I have lots of recommendations for you!! :)
"His Word in My Heart" by Janet Pope--probably my top recommendation for you, and your dulling mind! This has helped me not only to hide God's Word in my heart, but train me to use my mind wisely during "down" times. (I actually haven't been doing so well at it lately, and need to re-discipline my mind to work on Scripture!)
I would also highly recommend "Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands" and "War of Words", both by Paul Tripp.
And lastly, "My Heart in His Hands" by Sharon James--Bio. of Anne Judson
Happy Reading! Hope you can get a lot done before baby--and maybe even while nursing or being up during the night :)

Kenj said...

Funny- When People Are Big and God is Small had a huge impact on me, and I, too, am reading Blue Like Jazz. Another "outside the box" book that felt like a breath of fresh air for me while Caroline was in the hospital- Girl Meets God.

Read a little fluff recently, too. Enjoyed The Last Song and cried at the end ;)

CristyLynn said...

Thanks, friends! I'm going to do some searches on Amazon!